Steyn van Rongen

Steyn van Rongen is a photographer of careful observation, forging meaningful connections with people and communities. He floats through worlds and places, gaining entry into the complex universes that are people’s lives, with his camera, an empathetic eye and a strong visual language.

In his work, van Rongen seeks to learn, uncover or perhaps even discover the fragility that lies at the fringes of the human condition, something present in all of us.

Van Rongen’s competence with a camera coupled with the ease with which he moves amongst different communities, allows him to capture social engagement through portraiture, both vital elements of his practice. There is a duality at play. The photograph as an enabler of meaning, and the photograph as the potential for curiosity to unfold.


Steyn van Rongen
Renbaanstraat 47 2586EX Den Haag
+31 (0)6 15153213