Steyn van Rongen


An homage to everything that happens after loss.

Loss is an inevitable consequence of the fundamentality of time. I used to think that when you lost something or somebody that you would go through the stages of loss, and then would be able to leave it behind. But there is just something about unwanted losing that makes it stick to our memory. Makes it feel perpetual that individuals can’t go around it anymore. The thing that makes us human is that we lose. And that we are able to deal with that loss. If that is the loss of a person, maybe the loss of a passion or the loss of a future aspiration. Dealing with it is not easy, it’s a hard process with a broad range of emotions. The dynamic between loosing and what comes after is what this project is all about. How we deal with loss reveals our connection with time & memory. Therefor a love-letter to loss, an homage to everything that happens after and how it is a reminder of the memories we forgot we had.