Steyn van Rongen

The Glass City

The Glass City and/or Westland is an agricultural greenhouse region located in West-Holland. The Glass City, it is the supplier for vegetables, flowers and other horticulture and covers over 2,750 hectares of land making it the world’s largest contiguous greenhouse area. Whole families work within and live around these greenhouses. Their kids go to schools for agriculture and study for greenhouse sciences. The landscape and its occupants are devoted to the greenhouses.

Looking at the Glass City the imagination start to speak. From the outside it looked like just an ordinary agricultural landscape. But isolated, surrounded and nestled within the confined walls of the glass city, small enclaves are created with extraordinary culture and inhabitants.

The project is about these subcultures that develops next to the greenhouses industry where there is space for personal things to happen outside of the conventional way of the region. These people make use of this industry and the space it provides to have the freedom to do their own. These isolated spots feel like free space and act as an interesting leeway for creative consideration. Some use the space to work on their cars and others use the space to create their own little worlds.

Together with the governmental development plan of the region this subculture isn’t always accepted. Most of this alternative culture is disappearing in recent times because of stricter regulations surrounding the agricultural grounds and it’s supposed destination.